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Russian women
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When it comes to dating, people of all nationalities have their strengths and weaknesses. We’ve highlighted the main attributes of Russian women to show you why they make the perfect wives and girlfriends.



World-renowned beauty

There’s simply no denying it: Russian women are renowned for their beauty all over the world. They put a lot of effort into maintaining their elegant appearance. For Russian women, staying attractive and lovely at all times is a top priority.


Alluring femininity

Alongside their natural beauty, Russian women are also very feminine. Although Russia is leading the way in terms of women occupying the top job roles in the country, many Russian women tend not to identify very strongly with feminist values. They want a strong, reliable man by their side and expect to be treated with gentleman-like behaviour, from holding open doors and taking the lead when it comes to directions, through to help with putting on a coat. It is customary in Russia for the man to pick up the bill at a restaurant.


Sophisticated intelligence

Russian women are extremely intelligent. Most have a good education and they like to develop themselves further in a variety of areas, for example, through reading books or attending courses.


Attentive wives

Russian women are excellent wives in all respects. It is a long-standing tradition in Russia that women take good care of their husbands and children, look after the house and cook for their family. They are good mothers and are very concerned with the education and development of their children. Russian women are also traditionally faithful wives who support their husbands in everything they do. Russia is a patriarchal country with family-oriented women.


Great sense of fun

Russian women work hard, but they also play hard too! They like going out and having fun, as well staying active.

For all their many attractive qualities, it has to be said that most Russian women do not speak foreign languages, particularly English. This is due to the poor quality of English language teaching in schools, plus the fact that the Russian language is extremely different to other European languages. Despite this, many Russian women often take the initiative to try and boost their foreign language skills themselves. So, don’t worry if the woman you like doesn’t speak English (or any language other than Russian) – with a little effort and your support, you’ll be communicating in no time!

Good luck in finding your perfect Russian match!

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