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Dating Russian women
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Tips that can help you to date with Russian ladies




Take the initiative

Most of the time, Russian women expect the man to take the initiative, especially in the early days of a relationship. Women may flirt and show their interest, but they will generally expect the man to take the first step.


Bring her flowers

Russian woman love to be bought flowers, whether it’s for a special occasion or not. Flowers will be expected in particular on a first date! It doesn’t have to be a big bouquet; a single rose is a very touching gesture. Here’s an important tip: be sure not to give your date an even number of flowers, especially not two - in Russia, this is considered bad luck!


Give her compliments

Russian women take a good care of their appearance. They like to follow the latest fashion and makeup trends, going to spas and working out. So, it’s only to be expected that Russian women like to be given compliments! It’s common in Russia for a man to compliment a woman; this is not considered harassment.


Always be a gentleman

Gestures like holding the door open and helping your date to put on her jacket will certainly score you extra points! It is customary in Russia for the man to pick up the bill at a restaurant.

Great ideas for a date range from visiting a photo exhibition or attending a concert to taking a trip to the theatre. Russian women like a variety of cultural events. A meal at a restaurant or cafe or a simple romantic walk are also classic dating activities.


Good luck in finding your true Russian love!

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